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Mia Hamm Net Worth, the legendary soccer player, has amassed an impressive net worth through her income, salary, and prize money. As one of the most influential sports figures, she continues to inspire and empower others. Her dedication and talent have solidified her status as a role model in the world of soccer.


Net Worth$10 million
Annual Income$1 million
Salary$100,000 per year
Prize Money$9 million

Early Life :Mia Hamm Net Worth

Mia Hamm was born on March 17, 1972, in Selma, Alabama. She was raised in a military family and moved frequently during her childhood, living in several different locations. The constant moving provided Mia with the opportunity to sharpen her soccer skills and adapt to new environments, which ultimately contributed to her success as a professional athlete. These early experiences also played a significant role in shaping her determination and resilience, qualities that would serve her well throughout her career.

Mia Hamm Net Worth


Mia Hamm Net Worth$12 million
IncomePrimarily from soccer career, endorsements, and business ventures
SalaryVaried throughout career, including lucrative contracts with professional teams and national team
Prize MoneyEarnings from tournaments, including FIFA Women’s World Cup and Olympic Games

Mia Hamm’s parents are Bill Hamm and Stephanie Hamm. She has five siblings, the most notable being her brother, Garrett Hamm, who also had a successful soccer career. The family has been a strong influence on Mia’s athletic pursuits and her determination to succeed in the sports world.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Net Worth$10 million
Salary$1 million per year (estimated)
Prize MoneyNot available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Mia Hamm Net Worth is currently married to her husband, Nomar Garciaparra. They got married on November 22, 2003. Nomar Garciaparra is a former professional baseball player.

PartnerRelationship TypeDuration
Garrett Bates (Ex-Husband)Former Husband1994 – 2001

Information about Mia Hamm’s net worth, income, salary, and prize money can be found in various sources and publications. She is a highly successful former professional soccer player and has earned significant wealth through her career and various endorsements.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Mia Hamm Net Worth is a retired American professional soccer player who is best known for her achievements in women’s soccer. She became famous for her exceptional skills on the field and her contributions to the growth of women’s soccer worldwide.

Mia Hamm rose to fame through her outstanding performances in international competitions, including winning two FIFA Women’s World Cup titles and two Olympic gold medals with the United States women’s national soccer team.

Her soccer career began at a young age, and she went on to play for top clubs such as the Washington Freedom in the Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA) and the North Carolina Tar Heels in college soccer. Mia Hamm’s popular works include leading the US national team to numerous victories and breaking records for goals scored.

  • Two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion (1991, 1999)
  • Two-time Olympic gold medalist (1996, 2004)
  • Named FIFA World Player of the Year (2001, 2002)
  • Inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame

While Mia Hamm has enjoyed a successful and respected career, there have been no major controversies surrounding her. She is widely praised for her sportsmanship, leadership, and contributions to women’s soccer.

As of the latest available information, Mia Hamm’s net worth is estimated to be substantial due to her successful soccer career, endorsements, and business ventures. However, specific figures for her income, salary, and prize money are not publicly disclosed.


Q: What Is Mia Hamm’s Net Worth?

A: Mia Hamm’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Q: How Did Mia Hamm Earn Her Income?

A: Mia Hamm earned her income through her successful soccer career, endorsements, and various business ventures.

Q: What Was Mia Hamm’s Salary As A Professional Soccer Player?

A: Mia Hamm earned a salary of approximately $150,000 per year during her peak playing years.

Q: Did Mia Hamm Win Any Prize Money During Her Career?

A: Prize money is not as common in soccer as it is in individual sports like tennis or golf. Mia Hamm mainly earned her income through salaries and sponsorships, rather than prize money.

Q: What Are Some Of Mia Hamm’s Notable Endorsement Deals?

A: Mia Hamm had several endorsement deals throughout her career, including partnerships with brands like Nike, Gatorade, and Pepsi. These endorsement deals contributed significantly to her overall net worth.

Q: Is Mia Hamm Involved In Any Business Ventures?

A: Yes, apart from her soccer career, Mia Hamm has been involved in various business ventures. She co-owns TeamFirst Soccer Academy and is also engaged in philanthropic initiatives.

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